25 Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

Science fiction has always been one of the most favorite genre for a lot of the people around the world. So we have extracted the best of science fiction movies just for you and to provide you with the 25 best sci fi movies of all time.

So forget your worries and enjoy this list of best sci fi movies that we have just created for you.

Let’s Dive Right In

1.] Annihilation


A biologist and former soldier, Lena joins a mission in order to reveal the mystery about what happened to her husband inside the Area X which is a mystifying phenomenon across the American coastline that keeps on expanding. Inside it, the expedition team finds out a world of transfigure landscapes and muted creatures that isn’t as beautiful as it seems to be.

2.] Arrival


A group of elite investigators is led by Louise Banks, a linguistics professor when massive spaceships land down at 12 places all over the world. Louise and her team needs to find a way to somehow interact with the extraterrestrial guests. To reveal the mystery, a chance is taken by her which could endanger her life along with all the human beings.

3.] Blade Runner 2049


After Thirty years of Blade Runner (1982) events, Officer “K”, he is a new blade runner for L.A.P.D . He unravels a concealed secret that has the potential to shove the left out society into mayhem. K’s discovery leads him on a pursuit to find a former L.A.P.D. Blade Runner, Rick Deckard, he’s been missing for 30 years.

4.] Interstellar


Disasters, famines, and droughts has perforated the Earth’s future. Therefore, Interstellar travel is the only way to guarantee mankind’s continuance. There’s a newly found wormhole in the outreaches of our solar system . Through it, a team of astronauts can go where no man has gone before,maybe a planet that’s having the required environment to support human life form.

5.] Gravity


A brilliant medical engineer, Dr. Ryan Stone is on to her first spacecraft mission. She’s with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski who’s commanding his last flight before he gets retired. But soon a disaster strikes during the apparently routine spacewalk,. The spacecraft gets destroyed which leaves Stone and the veteran all alone.-They are tethered to nothing , just each other and circling out into the blackness.

6.] The Martian


Astronaut Mark Watney, who is presumed dead by his crew after a fierce storm and left behind as the other astronauts takes off from the planet Mars. But the truth is, Watney has survived and he finds himself stuck and left alone on the unkind planet. He must draw upon his creativity , intelligence and willpower to survive and find a way to send a signal to Earth so that they know that he is alive. Tirelessly, work is being done to bring home “The martian” by NASA and a team of international scientists millions miles away on Earth.

7.] Ex Machina


A competition at the world’s largest internet company is won by Caleb, a 26 year old programmer. The win enables him to spend a week at a private mountain retreat that belongs to Nathan. But when Caleb arrives at the isolated location, he finds that he is chosen to participate in a strange and fascinating experiment :- to be the human component in a turing test to know the consciousness & capabilities of the world’s first pure artificial intelligence robot girl, Ava.

8.] Snowpiercer


In 2031, the entire world is frozen after Earth’s second ice age except for those ones who aboard the “Snowpiercer”. World’s survivors are on a train (snowpiercer) since 17 years traveling around the globe creating their own economy and system of class. Curtis leads a group of lower-class citizens living in squalor at the back of the train who are determined to get to the front section of the train so that they can spread the wealth all around. A new surprise is there in each section of the train for that group who needs to fight their way through it all.

9.] Under The Skin


An alien entity disguised itself as a young woman to lure unsuspecting men into her van roaming on the roads of Scotland she came to strip. Once the prey is in her van, he gets seduced by her and sent into another dimension where they are stripped and consumed and are nothing just meat.

10.] Men In Black 3


After Boris the Animal breaks out of a moon-based maximum security prison, LunarMax, the Animal decides to travel back in time to execute Agent K, the person who arrested him. When he does this, a realization is done by Agent J, being that the timeline has been changed. Therefore J too travels back to the day before Agent K is killed, July 15, 1969. Griffin helps him , he is the one who can see all timelines, and Boris is tracked down by them.

11.] Inception


A skilled thief, Dom Cobb is absolutely the best in the savage art of extracting & sneaking valuable secrets from deep down inside the subconscious mind during its dream state, when the mind most vulnerable. Now a chance at reclamation is offered to Cobb. He could get back his life by completing this one last job, that is if he could accomplish the impossible, inception. could he?

12.] Sunshine


The Sun begins to die after 50 years into the future, simultaneously leading to dying of Earth. In order to revive the Sun -A group of astronauts is sent but unfortunately the mission failed. Now seven years after , a new team is sent as mankind’s last hope to finish the mission that couldn’t be completed .

13.] Moon


Lunar Industries has a three year contract with Sam Bell for him to work for them. Through the complete duration of the contract , established at their lunar station, Sam is the sole employee. He is primarily responsible to harvest and periodically send rocket back to Earth with helium-3 supplies which is currently the clean and abundant fuel that is being used on Earth.

14.] Children Of The Men


Set in 2027, London. Humans have been incapable of reproducing in this apocalyptic world since last eighteen years due to some reason unknown, meaning the imminent extinction of the species. The only remaining civilized society on the planet is Britain. So, What Julian wants is for Theo to get transit papers for a young immigrant by using his connections .

15.] A.I. Artificial Intelligece


In the coming future all the coastal cities of the world has drowned because of the huge rise in ocean waters, reason being the melting of polar ice caps in the coming future. The human race is withdrawn to the inner parts of the continents, the human race keeps advancing along with it, and with that they’ve reached to the point where now they create a realistic robots to serve them (called mechas).

16.] Midnight Special


With crazy powerful abilities and strange weaknesses Alton Meyer is not a boy like others in the world. His father, Roy, takes him away in the middle of the night from the secluded cult by which he’s being worshiped and they’ll do anything to regain him.

17.] Pacific Rim


A special type of weapon was made called Jaegers (huge robots) to combat the giant Kaiju. These robots are controlled by two pilots whose are connected neurally with the robots functioning. But in the front of the relentless Kaiju even the Jaegers are becoming weak and not enough to face the Kaiju.

18.] I Robot


Set in 2035, Del Spooner, a techno-phobic detective of the Chicago PD leads the investigation of the perceptible suicide of Dr. Alfred Lanning who was the leading robotics scientist. Spooner’s investigation of scientist’s death reveals a path of secrets and programmes within United States Robotics corporation (USR) and suppositions of the murder.

19.] The Girl With All The Gifts


In an apocalyptic near future, human life has been devastated by an unknown fungal disease. The troubled are robbed of all free will and then they turn down into flesh-eating ‘hungries’. A small group of hybridized children who crave human flesh but holds the ability to think and feel are the humankind’s only hope left.

20.] Another Earth


MIT sends an acceptance letter to Rhoda Williams who’s Seventeen year-old and she celebrates this with friends of her. The same night, Earth 2, a planet similar and close to Earth is found. Rhoda crashes with composer John Burroughs as she was driving while looking at Earth 2 which led to killing John’s baby son and his pregnant wife.

21.] The Congress


Due to the consequences of her decision, an aging and out-of-work actress accepts her one last job that affects her in such ways which she didn’t possibly could’ve thought of.

22.] The Matrix Revolutions


Neo somehow discovers that in the real world too he can use his powers and that his mind from his body can be freed, which results in that he finds himself trapped on a railway station between the Real World & Matrix. Neo’s associates set out to free him from The Merovingian as it’s believed that Neo is the One who will terminate this war which the humans and the machines are fighting.

23.] War Of The Worlds


A common man Ray Ferrier protects his children against alien invaders in this sci-fi film. Living in New Jersey, he is a dockworker. He was divorced from his first wife Mary Ann and distanced from his two children Rachel and Robbie. He has custody of them during weekends.

24.] Pacific Rim:Uprising


Ten years after the Battle of the Breach, It is 2035, in which the inter-dimensional portal created by the Precursors gets closed. Former Jaeger pilot Jake Pentecost is the son of Stacker Pentecost , hero of Battle of the Breach. He steals and sells Jaeger parts in the black market of the L.A (Los Angeles) area in order to make a living.

25.] The Matrix Reloaded


For the free humans, Neo proves to be a good omen since more and more humans are brought to Zion and are being freed from the matrix ,Resistance’s only stronghold. Superpowers including super speed, potential to see the codes of the things inside the matrix, and a certain degree of precognition are unrevealed by Neo himself.

Final Thoughts

So these were the 25 best Sci-fi Movies of all time. Do watch them with your friends and other sci-fi lovers and if you want you can know more movies on more categories in our other posts like Horror, Adventure, Action etc.

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