30 Best Hollywood Action Movies On Netflix


Action movies are not only the favorite of every teenager or child but also for the adults. Action movies brings out a breeze of refreshment and energy inside us. We often watch action movies while sitting with our family at home ,especially those one’s which are of the best heroes like Chris Evans aka Captain America, Robert Downey Jr aka Iron-man.

Looking for an action bolt to your Netflix viewing ??? We’ve got it all set for you. From the most undercover best action movies to the biggest mystery solving action movies.

So witness the list of 30 best Hollywood action movies currently available to stream on Netflix :-


1.] 6 Underground

This movie shows the advantage of being dead and that is the freedom. The freedom that makes you capable to fight the evil & bad which terrorizes our world. A team of 6 underground people with no names have decideed to bring a change in the future. This team of 6 is made together by the impenetrable leader Who’s called “One” that’s his code, his only mission is to make sure that they bring a change and their doing will get remembered by the world.

2.] Extraction

A young boy becomes the mortgage in the underworld of weapons dealers & traffickers in a war between the infamous drug dealers. Inside one of the world’s most impenetrable cities, Kidnappers traps him. Having nothing to lose Rake is a broken man, he’s is fostering a death wish which has turned this already a deadly mission next to impossible.



3.] The Dark Knight Rises

A striking terrorist “Bane” attacks the Gotham City creating havoc and disturbing the long timelapse of peace which was there since 8 years. This act of violence caused by bane makes Bruce to come out with the much needed Batman out of his hide place to bring back everything to normal and to end this terror.

4.] Avengement

When a lowly criminal is released on furlough from prison, he gets away from his guards andgets back back to his old territory so that he can take revenge from those people because of whom he became a cold-hearted killer. This is going to be a tough battle finding his lost part which this unforgiving city took out from him.



5.] The Equaliser

An erstwhile special service commando Robert McCall who hoped to live a quiet and peaceful life and for that for he faked his own death.Now, to save a young girl he comes out of his own-made retirement. McCall becomes the need of the helpless who needs him for the vengeance which they would never get without McCall’s skills.

6.] Takers

Gordon Jennings , John Rahway , A.J, and two brothers are a group who robs banks. Recently they have successfully accomplished their latest robery and are living a luxury life and side by side planning their next heist. A former member of this team, named Ghost comes out of the prison and plans with the group to take down an armored car which is having $20 million in it. 



7.] Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Solomon Lane was successfully caught and captured by the most intelligent agent Ethan hunt. After two years of it the Syndicate’s member have formed another such organization called the Apsotles. Ethan along with his team goes to Berlin in order to intercept them, but somehow unfortunately the mission fails as Ethan saves Luther from the Apostles which results in loss of plutonium which the Apostles took away with them.

8.] Spenser Confidential

An ex-cop who is best known for making trouble rather than solving it – Spenser, he just got released from the prison and for his good he plans to leave Boston. Before that he gets entangled with helping out his mentor and his coach Henry.


9.] John Wick

John’s beloved wife meets an unexpected death which is still affecting him, the expert erstwhile assassin John Wick received the last final gift from her which is a precious rememberance which can help to find out a new meaning to John in his life because now she is gone forever. This will force the best & legendary hitman John to reveal his diligently conserved identity.

10.] John Wick Chapter 2

Santino D’Antonio is the Italian crime lord to whom he’s Bound by an unavoidable debt of blood. The legendary assassin John Wick is thirsty for isolation therefore to keep his promise he has to unwantingly visit Italy as Santino’s precious 1969 Mustang is stolent.


11.] Wheelman

The driver who is known as Wheelman, after three years of imprisonment, to pay for a debt he has to work for mobsters. As he is allocated to drive a getaway car for a bank robbery he is unable to contact his liaison. At the same time, an unknown person calls who orders him to get the stolen money delivered to him.

12.] Polar

Duncan Vizla also known as ” The Black Kaiser ” he’s the top assassin in the world and is about to get retired but by the time he’s framed as a liability by his former employer. He takes this against his own will and now back in the game, he now has to fight head-on-head with enhanced and young army of merciless assassins who wants him silenced no matter what it takes.


13.] Triple Frontier

In a scarcely populated manifold-border zone of South America, a heist is being planned by the reunited former operatives of Special Forces. Its the very first time in these uncelebrated heroes’ honoured carriers that they take on this deadly mission not for the country but themelves. But as soon as the events takes an unwanted shift they all must fight this grand combat in order to survive .

14.] Bright

Humans are living with orcs and elves in the world of fantasy creatures in Los Angeles. Dayl Ward is a LAPD officer. He is the first man cop who’s having an Orc, Nick Jakoby as his partner. When an orc shots ward and jakoby doesn’t catch the shooter, Dayl doubt that if Jakoby intenionally let the other orc escape from there.


15.] Game Over Man

Three losers Darren, Alexxx at a hotel are working as maids & all three of them are having many problems. Bae Awadi isa social media influencer (SMI) and is coming to their hotel. The moment this news get to their ears, they try to get their game idea to Bae. But all three of them must act smart and stand out against the terrorists who arrives and capures the hostages, one of which is Bae.

16.] Spectral

The US forces are engaging the rebels in civil disorder in the European country of Moldova. But now a new ultimtum has come, to which both the insurgents and the forces are the enemy. To others, they are superior weapon technology made by the government of Molodova, but the locals believe that they are spirits of War.



17.] Headshot

A young man named Uwais is suffering amnesia who washesd ashore. he is treated back to health by a young doctor. Soon his past retreats back to him which is now haunting both the nurse and himself in a brutal form.

18.] London Has Fallen

After the British Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious circumstances, all leaders of the Western world must attend his funeral. But the most protected event on earth, turns into a deadly plot to kill the world’s most powerful leaders and unleash a terrifying vision of the future. The President of the United States, his formidable secret service head and a British MI-6 agent who trusts no one are the only people that have any hope of stopping it.


19.] Rim Of The World

When the summercamp just begins, suddenly the aliens invdes the planet. four misfit teens named – Alex, ZhenZhen, Dariush and Gabriel finds out that some greater problems are prevailing upon then other than -climbing ropes and canoeing. Now they are all alone in a campground without any electronic devices or adults, incharge of a key that has the potential to stop the alien invasion.

20.] The Siege Of Jadotville

In the beginning of a civil war, to safeguard the resients of the mining town of Jadotville, In 1961 an Irish appeaser troop is sent by Un who is commanded by the commanding officer Pat Quinlan to Katanga in Congo. For the moment, operation Morthor, a military attack is launched by Dr. Conor Cruise o’Brien, the UN’s advisor, against the soldiers of France and Belgium.


21.] The Bourne Identity

A man’s injured body is found by fishermen, by whom he gets treated back to health. He remembers nothing and starts to regain his memory with the help of small small clues like the number of the implantation in his hip, Swiss bank account. Soon he realized that its haunting him. So alomg with Marie, he goes off in order to find out about himself and why he’s being troubled.

22.] The Bourne Ultimatum

And one again Bourne, CIA’s former assassin keeps going with his pursuit to rebuild his memory. This time, a reporter steps on his path, who is trying to unravel the operation Black Briar. Now, ultimately Bourne must somehow unearth his shady past but at the same time darting the immense efforts that are being put by the company to finish him off.


23.] What Happened To Monday

In the near upcoming future, due to overpopulation and deprivation, a serious one-child policy is undertaken by the governments. There are seven-identical sisters who are living a hide & seek life, being chased by the (CAB) Child Allocation Bureau.

24.] Drive

A strange man is having more than one job, he works as a stuntman in Hollywood, a garage mechanic and also a getaway driver who looks like running away from his dim past. In the mean time the boss of his garage, with all the gangland money tries to build up a race team which implies that our driver is going to be used as the lead driver of the race team.



25.] Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

Li Mu Bai’s death is still being mourned by Yu Shu Lien, but to protect his sword the Green Destiny, Lien returns. lieutenants are sent by an underground warlord, Hades in order to steal that sword ,who is planning to rule the martial world. To assist Shu Lien, Silent Wolf comes. Sheis a young and unknown swords-woman who is a hero having a past.

26.] Outlaw King

An army of Scottish fighters is raised by Robert the Bruce in insurgence After they are declared “prohibited” by the Empire of English which is occupying. Shifts and twists are there all over the Scottish countryside leading to a film of voyage that shows heroism at its concentration.


27.] Battle Los Angeles

(L.A.) Los Angeles and the cities around the world are getting pounded by meteors that looks like slowing down the moment they hit the atmosphere of Earth. Space aliens instantaneously invades Earth that just landed away from the shore of LA. They starts executing everybody all across the beach. Therefore to combat the situation military comes in.

28.] Point Blank

Paul is attacked at home from behind and his wife who is pregnant gets kidnapped & put up as collateral. Now Paul, who is an ER nurse, needs to team up with the poorly wounded career criminal so as to save both her wife and awaited child’s lives. Now two of these are up against a circle of corrupted cops and enemy gangs. The not likely duo must move as a team to stay alive and win this fight for their lives.



29.] The Bourne Supremacy

After Bourne has successfully cam out of the both mental and physical pain, he along with Marie initiates a fresh and new life . But when an assassination attempt on Bourne goes horribly wrong, Bourne must re-enter the life he wanted to leave behind, in order to find out the truth why they are still after him.

30.] Priest

A civlization is ruined by the long going years and centuries of war and battle across the vampires and humans. An ancient priest, a grandmaster of the last friction lives in isolated city which the church rules. When his niece gets kidnapped by some vampires, he breaks his holy vows and with the assistance of an erstwhile priestess and her niece’s boyfriend they move for the quest to save her before she getts bitten by those bloodsuckers.



Guys these are the best action movies available on Netflix. We guarantee you’ll not find content like this. If you’re ready to inject yourself with the spirit of extreme action . Don’t miss out these best Hollywood action movies of all time. Every single one of this is so sick guys, we strongly recommend you to go watch them now. Once you’ll start watching these you’ll dive into this collection.

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