15 Best Hollywood Action Movies on Amazon Prime


Movies are present in a vast variety and diversity on Amazon Prime. Confused about what to watch? Some of the best action movies of all time available on Amazon Prime are waiting for you. \

While choosing these movies we kept all the aspects in our mind so as to provide you with the best online experience.

Here we are with the list of 15 best hollyood action movies :-

1.] Bumblebee


Optimus Prime is the leader of autobots and they are on the brink of getting defeated in the great war of Cybertron against the decepticons, their sole enemy. They start preparing to blast off from the planet. Three leaders Starscream, soundwave & Shockwave commands the decepticons and they give autobots a surprize while they are evacuating. In order to reorganize, a young lookout B-127 is sent by Optimus on Earth so as to set up an operational base for the autobots.

2.] Brawl In Cell Block 99


A hardworking guy named Bradley Thomas after his wife’s affair, they acknowledge that something is missing between them, therefore they plan and agree upon having a baby. His friend recruits him as a merchant of drugs just after he’s dismissed out of his job.

3.] Free Fire


Two guys Stevo & Bernie are going to meet up with Chris & Frank who are members of IRA. Along the course, Bernie gets to hear from Stevo that yesterday, the cousin of a woman whom he abused beat him up. Outside a warehouse of Boston, this group meet and there they are waiting with Justine, the negotiator.

4.] Overlord


For a mission which is of immense importance for the invasion, some paratroopers are released in the back of enemy boundaries in the eve of Dooms Day. 1944, the date is 5th June. The mission is to destroy a radio tower that is located in a small fortress of a remote French municipality which is used by the Third Reich in order to communicate with bunkers lying in the middle of Berlin & beaches of Normandy.

5.] Sicario: Day of the Soldado


A strange workman is brought in by Matt Graver who is an agent of FBI, to be his partner in order to explore about drug lord of Mexico by whom terrorists are being smuggled in U.S. Things gets more complicated when a top kingpin’s daughter gets kidnapped.Now the duo (Matt & his partner) thinks again about mission of theirs.

6.] Project Gutenberg


“Painter” is the name-code of a genius mind who guides a fraudulent gang who are being hunted by the police of Hong Kong. Lee man is the gang member who is recruited by the police so as to know about the Painter’s true identity and to unmask the hidden face behind it.

7.] The Man From Nowhere


CHA Tae-Shik is a former agent. So-mi, a little girl who lives close by is his only link to the whole world. Hyo-jeong is So-mi’s mother & she does smuggling of drugs from a drug smuggling corporation. Without him knowing, Tae-Shik is given responsibility of the product. Hyo-jeong and So-mi both gets abducted by the smugglers as they get to know about her smuggling.

8.] Braven


A logging company’s owner Joe Braven is living in Canada all together with his family. Having dementia, Linden who is Joe’s father, falls into a situation which causes him to land into hospital . Now at their remote cabin made of log, the whole family takes a decision to take a break there. But here the situation takes a rough and troubled turn as, a drug lord who for his cocaine functioning needs a front and wants Joe’s business for the same.

9.] Baywatch


In the tanned Bay of Emerald, Mitch Buchannon the robust Lieutenant & Baywatch, that is his best team of self-chosen saviours who secure the bay by ensuring the safety of both the lovers of beach and those who come to take a sunbath. Now for joining this challenging life-securing programme ,eagerly excited two new trainees will enter this summer.

10.] Cloverfield


A huge promotion of a guy named Rob occurs, that is about the moment, to soon move to Japan. Now, in order to celebrate this great news Beth, Rob’s love along with the fellow friends concludes to arrange an astonishing Hooray party. But the enjoyment doesn’t stays for long as a bony and huge sized creature comes, followed by a reckoning explosion to destroy all the happiness and the functions going on. Hell is exploding in the city, New York. Also The Statue of Liberty gets beheaded.

11.] Enemy At The Gates


Falling of the Stalingrad would result in the whole country’s descend, In World War II. Fights for every block between Russians and Germans is ruining everything and leaving nothing behind. Vassili Zaitsev who is the Russian sniper keeps an eye over the Germans. Killing all of them one by one, therefore resulting in german soldier’s morale torn into bits.

12.] Kick-Ass


Living alone with father, Dave Lizewski is a student of high school who is ignored and is having not much friends. Also he is a huge fan of comic books. He is having a not so difficult Life. Without harnessing any powers or mastery he somehow one day  decides to be a superhero.

13.] The Aeronauts


James Glaisher is an evolving meteorologist. In 1862, he collaborates with Amelia Rennes who is an adventurous balloon pilot in order to enhance the knowledge of the human about weather and to fly higher than anyone who flew in the history. This journey of theirs to the brink of life’s existence allows the duo to know their true position in this whole world. While being in thin air they tackle physical as well as mental challenges, as scaling up now turns out into a fight to stay alive.

14.] 13 Hours


Year 2012, Libya. Security is being provided by a bunch of former military contractors at a base of CIA in Benghazi which is not an official base. The climate here is uneasy and eruptive. Weapons of the military are accessible openly. A visit is being made by the Ambassador of U.S. to Libya, stopped over at a compound close to this base of CIA.

15.] Acts Of Violence


When the human smugglers abducts Roman’s future wife, he along with his brothers who are ex-militants begin to track her. Roman collaborates with a cop named Avery, he investigates the trafficking of humans and fights the manipulated directorate.


These were some of the best Hollywood action movies available on amazon prime. Don’t miss out these. Grab a seat take some snacks and start watching these best action movies on amazon prime. We strongly recommend you to watch these movies and have the best experience online.

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